The Young Men

40th anniversary, 2018
little photobook

This little photobook celebrates the 40th anniversary of IfYouWantedTo, a band playing own compositions since the 70ies.
If you like to listen to one of their songs...  

Herbert Renz

Joachim Kupke


The Young Man

The silence of the minority
Can’t break the wall of waves.
Inside the glass of water
In the hand of the young man.
With his dream of social wonders
Inside the cage of life.

The quietness of the lonely ones
Can’t wake up the sweet sleep
Of the injured innocence
Behind the drunken hills.
On the river of innocence
He lost his hopeful fears.

And the breeze of vanity
Caresses the blue grass of home,
With the holiness
And the glory of the sun;
And the dream of immortality
Dies under the black sun.

And the breeze of social wonders
Blew him on top of the hill.
Inside the dream of social wonders
Inside the cage of life,
And he won’t slip down,
He can’t slip down.        

Joachim Kupke, 2013


The Young Men. IfYouWantedTo. book, 78 pages, 63 black and white photos and 5 song texts by Joachim Kupke. 18x18 cm, fine art paper, hardcover, 35 .- Euro, special edition for the 40th anniversary in 2018, published in november 2018.

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